Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ford Fusion Hybrid Offers 2010 Green Car Solutions

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid can double its mileage using new coaching techniques from its dashboard.

Last April, Ford Motor Company took the Ford Fusion Hybrid on a journey which proved remarkable fuel economy and MPG rating. The Ford 2010 Fusion nearly doubled its mileage as it traveled across 1,400 miles on one tank of gas. The car is equipped with a dashboard which informs the driver on how to conserve fuel.

The 2010 Ford Fusion V6 automobile combines the best attributes of a gas engine and electric battery. The vehicle inclusions a new propulsion system which handles the gas to electric transition more efficiently and seamlessly. More importantly, the propulsion system allows the car to operate longer at higher speeds in the electric mode.

The Hybrid Fusion can operate up to 47 mph in the pure electric mode. Plus, the city driving range on a single tank of gas is expected to be more than 700 miles. Driving 700 miles on one tank marks a huge technical advancement.

Ford proved that its Fusion Hybrid can reach distances of more than 1,400 miles. The team also used driving technics to conserve fuel, more than doubling its fuel economy. It is still the most fuel-efficient mid-size automobile on the market.

The Ford instrument panel on the Fusion Hybrid is pure quality.

Ford has introduced a new instrument panel which is finished with a soft upper and lower skin which carries through the center console, doors, and steering wheel. The panel display features a contemporary iced blue lighting. The leather wrapped steering wheel was completely redesigned with form fitting palm swells and a new shifter.

When you sit in the new Fusion, you immediately take notice to the new seats. The seat contour has been revised offering more side support with smoother bolsters and comfort. The seats also feature contrasting stitching and leather inserts to give the automobile more attitude.

Ford Fusion features daytime backlighting and 3D elements to create a nice appearance.

The vehicle gauge cluster features daytime backlighting with a black lens. It offers 3-D elements to create a high tech appearance, similar to a fine watch. The gauge needles move from left to right as the ambient lighting system illuminates the front and rear foot wells and cup holders.

Several other elements help differentiate the Ford Fusion from its gas-powered sibling, including unique hybrid "road and leaf" badging on both sides and the rear of the vehicle; unique 17-inch, eight-spoke wheels; and eco-friendly seat fabric made from post-industrial 100 percent recycled materials.

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