Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tata To Install Sale Stall For Nano

With more upside down and reverse gear move from its cheapest car fancy, Tata Motors is brushing its eyes to visualize the boost of the car Tata Nano. There has been a deep decline in its sales recently much to the contrary of its initial slogan from its Chairman Ratan Tata, we are at the gates to offer a new version of transportation for the people of India. He was actually initiating the move targeting the two wheeler segment to divert to his cheapest car much akin to Henry Ford’s move with his Model T. Much disappointing to the projected 85% sales for a year, the company faced an all time low sale in November this year just 509 units.

The irony is that the car market has been growing at a rapid pace all through this year. The Rs1 lakh car, as it was branded at the launch, had to undergo a lot of ups and downs especially the fire incidents in its electrical components. This event was highlighted through television news coverage. Though it had not involved any physical injuries, it had made a deep crack in the safety aspect of the car among the customers.

The company had to defend the incidents and convince the customers with a statement that Tata Nano is a safe car with a robust design. In a bid to woo the existing customers and new arrivals, Tata Motors has introduced a safety assurance scheme by offering refinement to the electrical accessories, quoting image engineering. However, the competitors reaped a good volume at the loss of this Nano decline. Maruti, in particular, secured a sale volume of 33000 units of its cheapest mode Alto even at the double price of that Tata Nano. Sensing all these hiccups, Tata Motors is now devising some strategies to revive the market for Tata Nano and the latest one is the Tata Nano Happiness Guarantee scheme. The scheme enables the buyers with extended warranty – for four years from the earlier 18 months- and a maintenance contract for Rs99 per month.

Also the company is aiding to arrange easy finance upto 90% for purchase of Nano at the revised low rates of interest in just 48 hours. The fall in the sale of Nano came from another major cause – the rise in its price- from Rs1 lakh to Rs1.37 lakhs (non-a/c model), since the company claimed the rise in input costs. The airconditioned model costs Rs1.6 lakhs which the car dealers claim that is high compared to the cost of seconds from top brands. Tata believes that Nano could still bring fortune for it though a complete review of the car has not reached the mass. The industry analysts claim that Nano do possess good features at its cost and the existing owners have no sort of regrets. The car can gain potential in coming days if Tata Motors devised any new dimensions. The tussles for Nano now are not recent one, but it faced such problems even before its launch in West Bengal, where it was supposed to install its unit. But unable to resist the local farmers, Tata Motors had to vacate and shift its unit to Gujarat. In addition, the acquiring of Jaguar and Land Rover faced a fall in its sale.

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  1. Tata Motors cannot deliver quality, I am currently in dispute with them for my June 2009 purchased Indica Vista Aura Multijet in Warranty which has serious rusting issues as all undercarriage parts are corroded, AC Condenser Bracket 100% rusted whos base gave away and the Condenser would have fallen on the Road if not taken to the Service Center timely, Every Nut & Bolt Rusted !!!

    A Police Complaint is also made against Concord Motors & Tata Motors for Blackmail & Threats,

    Concord Motors is 100% Subsidary of Tata Motors & thus sells off Defective & Unsold Stocks of Tata Motors as they have to me, they forced upon me a 2008 Made Car in 2009 with an unwanted discount after Blocking me of Rs 51,000 for Booking a New Car. All is available via Emails exchanged.

    If Tata Motors fail to take back the defective Car as sold to me than I will be publishing the pictures in the Media soon with much more, keep posted.

    My most sincere advise to all, buy anything but a Tata Vehicle if its your hard earned Money.

    Bobby Shah.


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