Monday, April 6, 2009

Tata's Nano Minimum Release

India's automobile giant, Tata Motors has decided to produce Tata Nano Cars in few numbers, from its new Gujarat plant. And its release is expected between the month of January and March 2009.

Ravi Kant Managing Director Tata said "We are looking at something to bring it as fast as possible, kind of an interim arrangement from one of our existing plants. These will be small quantities. Let a few customers at least have a touch and feel of the car,"

He added, "If you think the Tata Nano is going to come out of Gujarat, the answer is no," "This is in the sense that it is already delayed. It will take more than a year (to roll out from Gujarat)," He also said that Nano will roll out from Tata Motors' plant in Pantnagar and Uttarakhand.

The Nano project was hit hard because Tata Motors had to shift its plant from Singur in West Bengal to Sanand in Gujarat in October.

Ravi Kant said India can get over the worst, if the government, industry and banks engage in a collaborative effort but added that the scale of measures should be increased. "The economic package announced is just too small. The government is doing things in a very small manner. In this kind of situation, the government should go for big-bang approach."

Banks should also be lending out the extra liquidity that the government has provided them. "They need to release the money. They have addressed their balance sheet but haven't passed on this money for lending operations. People who want to buy commercial vehicles, are not being able to do so without help," the Tata Motors chief said. More than 50% of Tata Motors' revenues come from medium and heavy commercial vehicle sales.

He also suggested that the implementation of existing laws such as scrapping of old vehicles and law on overloading can put the CV industry on growth path. "We do not need new laws. Even if you were to begin following the laws that are there, it would be equal to doing tremendous set of initiatives. That would take care of the demand," he said.

"Larger quantities of the car will be rolled out from Sanand after a year or so," Kant added further.

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