Thursday, January 26, 2012

Maruti Suzuki 2012 A Star hatchback launched with a price of Rs 366,000

Currently available Maruti A Star hatchback had some issues which heeded to be fixed. Agreed it offers excellent handling, is a 1 liter petrol engine but it has failed to receive any importance primarily due to its cramped interiors especially in its rear seats. Maruti A Star has failed to appeal to buyers as a family car due to its space constraints.

Now Maruti Suzuki has learnt from their previous mistakes and are offering the 2012 Maruti A Star with a number of upgrades first among which is more space in its back seats. The seats are split in two and this is what offers a comfortable ride to passengers. Besides this the new A Star also has beige upholstery and trims which make its interiors smart as well as comfortable.

Where engine updates are concerned the 2013 A Star has a 1 liter K series engine offering 67 Bhp peak power and 90 Nm torque. Transmission options would include a five speed manual and four speed automatic gearbox while air bags are an option. New alloy wheels and roof spoiler at the rear are also added to the 2013 model which Maruti Suzuki is offering in Caffeine Brown and Glistening Grey.

The company has exported over 2.81 lakh units so far to over 130 countries, primarily to the European markets such as the Netherlands, Italy, the UK, Spain and Germany. Other markets that have also contributed the car include Australia and South Africa.

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