Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bajaj Launches Low Cost Car RE60

Bajaj in its eighty years of history has launched its first car ever today and taken on Tata Nano.

The Bajaj RE60 has high fuel-efficiency ratios, the company said.

Bajaj has been working with Nissan Motor Co and Renault SA on a project to develop what was originally planned to be an ultra low-cost minicar.

To be christened as Bajaj RE60, the four-wheeler is an epitome of not just a car-like vehicle, but even Bajaj's future range of three and four-wheeler passenger and goods transport vehicles.

With speculation rife about the fact that retaining its three-wheeler genes in the car which essentially is a three-wheeler, Bajaj has added an extra wheel to it just to give better balance, comfort and safety.

The four-wheeler, as the observers point out powered by a two or three-cylinder petrol motor with a displacement of 700-800cc at most. With power on the slower side, the vehicle may not hit more than the speed of 90 Kph. But what would give the car a definite edge over the existing players in the segment is its better fuel efficiency which is expected to be around the 30 Kilometer per liter mark.

As a complete in-house product, the Bajaj RE60 was originally conceived as the ULCC project or Ultra Low-Cost Car under a joint-venture between Renault-Nissan and Bajaj.

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