Monday, April 6, 2009

Maruti decides to stop 800 and Omni finally

Maruti has decided to stop selling its trademark 800 and the ever present Omni in 11 cities from next year. Stating that this was part of the company’s plans to phase out the two models by 2016 when BS IV norms are set. The company maintains that it will not upgrade the cars to the next level. The 800 has been the country’s highest sold car clocking 27 lakh units from its launch in the eighties. The company saw a drop in the sale of the particular car by 29% this year compared to 5750 units sold last year.

Maruti emphasizes that the Nano would only marginally affect the sales of the 800 if it was not phased out. According to the company the Nano caters to a different segment involving two and three wheelers in a transition stage. The company has stated that it has no new products to replace the phased out cars, at least not in the pipeline. The 800 the first car to mass motorize the nation has lasted till the next.

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