Thursday, March 31, 2011

2011 Tata Nano Diesel

2011 Tata Nano Diesel

Here’s an ICB exclusive straight from a very reliable source regarding the 2011 Tata Nano Diesel. Work on the 2011 Tata Nano Diesel is going on at a frenetic pace at Tata Motors as the Nano Diesel is the next big thing for Tata. We have many interesting things about the Nano Diesel, first of which is the launch. The Nano Diesel’s CRDI engined version should be all set to hit Indian roads by the end of 2011.

Simultaneously a lower priced Nano Diesel with a Direct Injected version of the the Tata Ace’s engine is being tested and that could follow the Nano Diesel CRDI as a cheaper alternative. However, the Nano Diesel DI’s launch is something that Tata Motors is still evaluating. Coming to the Nano Diesel CRDI, the 800cc common rail diesel engine has been developed by German diesel engine specialists FEV along with Bosch proving the injection system.

According to our source, the engine is extremely torquey and Noise Vibration and Harshness levels are pretty similar to that of the Indica Vista Diesel. Now, that is a huge positive as we were concerned about the 3 pot CRDI Diesel NVH levels considering that the petrol Nano’s engine is more on the audible side. The biggest selling point of this engine is said to be it’s fuel efficiency with Tata’s in-house testing managing 40 KMPL pretty consistently.

The boffins at Tata are gunning for an even better economy figure to ensure that the Nano Diesel CRDI really turns on the heat when it is launched later this year. Now, beat that! Coming to the fuel efficiency of the DI engined Nano Diesel, it is expected to be much lesser than the CRDI engine’s figures and will be in the range of 30 KMPL. Also, a major change in the Nano Diesel’s engine design is the location of the radiator which might be in all probability shifted to the front of the engine.

This, as Tata seems to be grappling with the temperature levels of the petrol Nano engine, especially with the CVT variant, with the radiator being located at the back of the car, struggling to cool the engine quickly over large distances. The front radiator design might be adopted in the CVT Nano, which is another product that is being developed quickly. While that is a lot of messy plumbing, it is imperative for the Nano’s engine to remain cool and reliable. The Nano CVT could see a 2012 launch and going by our source, the Nano CVT might just be the best solution for driving in Indian traffic.

Also, there have been reports about the Nano’s boot being redesigned to allow more access by means of a hatch type rear windshield design. No such plans for the Nano exist in the near future and the Nano’s design is set to be pretty consistent for some more time. While Tata continues to explore on the interior front seat redesign, no decision to incorporate it in the Nano has been arrived at yet.

Finally, coming to the Nano fires incident, Tata has been testing the Nano Petrol all along, even after it’s official investigation declaring the Nano’s design to be safe. Here’s some good news for existing Nano owners. The Nano’s design is safe and in most fire cases reported, the improper fitment of accessories have been the cause of short circuit fires in the Nano. So, if you’re are in a spot over the Nano’s safety, don’t worry. Just go ahead and buy it. Your Nano is safe.
So, that brings us to the end of this week’s big ICB exclusive on the Tata Nano Diesel. Stay glued as we bring you more juicy stuff soon. And thanks for reading!

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