Tuesday, March 29, 2011

BMW plans launch of new 4-series

Germany’s Auto and Motor Sport magazine has revealed that BMW plans of launching a new four-door coupe. BMW has plans of launching cars for every segment of customers, and the campaign will start with the new four door coupe or BMW 4-series.

The brand new 4-series model is expected to be based on Gran Coupe or a BMW 3-series GT. The main idea of BMW is to launch a car which would include less development costs, and can be afforded easily by customers. Expect the possible 4-series coupe to be a mix of BMW 3-series and 5-Series.

Frankfurt Motor Show in September might feature BMW making announcements pertaining to launch of their new affordable 4-series coupe. BMW’s plan of launching a four-door coupe reflects the company’s idea of increasing sales and profit margins. Presently, no information of the technical specifications was available, but in coming months details of the new 4-series from BMW are expected to be revealed

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