Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Honda to Release Acura Coupe in 2010

At a time when American automakers such as Ford, General Motors and Chrysler are having their worst nightmare, Japanese and Korean car companies are coming up with new cars and new models at a stable pace. Even Indian car makers are trying their luck in an industry that is taking a lot of heat from the global economic climate.

Honda is one such Japanese company that has been working on new models of its cars. Now auto news Autoblog is reporting that Honda could release an Acura coupe in 2010. The car could be styled similar to a dropped-off ZDX and will have a powertrain-transmission combo like it. Also, in terms of the size, the coupe is expected to fill the gap between the between the TSX and the TL.

Though the Honda Acura Coupe is expected to be out next year, there are speculations it would be revealed at an upcoming auto show, maybe the Detroit Auto Show. It seems that the coupe could then hit the showrooms late in 2010. Previously, there were reports that Honda was working on the 2012 Honda Civic and the CR-Z.

[Source: Autotantra.in]

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