Friday, May 8, 2009

Hyundai i20 Diesel by End of 2009

The Hyundai i20 was one of the eagerly awaited subcompact cars of recent times. The car was launched in India just a few weeks ago and has caught on well. Usually, most auto companies, when they introduce cars in India, launch the petrol version as well as the diesel version.

So what about Hyundai i20? Now the PTI is reporting that Hyundai Motor Company is preparing to get the diesel version of the i20 in India by the end of this year as they plan to launch at least two new products in the country over the next two years annually. The car maker from Korea wants to improve its share in the market here by coming up with new products.

Young-Kil Chun is the senior VP of the Asia & Pacific division at Hyundai Motors. Chun explains, “We currently have a 20.4 per cent market share. For the year ending 2009 we will look at growing our market share further by three per cent. We should by then have a market share of over 25 per cent, exporting to well over 110 countries. So we will grow along with the Indian market and keep pace.”

No information regarding the prices of the Hyundai i20 diesel variant was revealed. Presently, the petrol version of the hatchback is available in the country in the price band of Rs 4.7 lakhs and Rs 5.8 lakh (prices are ex-showroom).

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