Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tata Nano debuts with 1 millon requests; watch out Toyota Corolla

If Tata Motors had the ability to swiftly build the 1 million reservations the Indian automaker has for the Nano, it would easily be the world's largest-selling car in 2009. And it would also quickly advance on the all-time, best-selling cars list.

As the following lists detail, the best-selling vehicle in history is the Toyota Corolla, with more than 32 million units sold. The 50th best-selling car in history is the Peugeot 405 with 3.5 million units sold. The best-selling vehicle in 2008 was the Ford F-Series truck with 515,513 units sold. It's also the second best-selling vehicle of all-time.

If the Tata Nano continues at its current initial popularity, how high could it advance on the all-time list?

The Top-10 Best-Selling Cars In History

1. Toyota Corolla - 32,000,000+units
Introduced in 1966, the Corolla is produced in five continents by Japanese automaker.

2.Ford F-Series - 30,000,000+units
Introduced 1948, it's the top-selling truck of all-time, remarkable since it's sold only in the United States.

3. Volkswagen Golf - 25,000,000+units
Launched by the German automaker in 1974, it's now in its sixth generation.

4. Volkswagen Beetle - 22,300,000+units
The first model was produced by German automaker in 1938 at the request of the Nazi government.

5. Ford Escort - 20,000,000+units
The iconic brand, produced 1968-2000 was particularly popular in Europe.

6. Honda Civic - 17,730,000+units
The value-priced Civic has been produced since 1972 and is now in its eighth generation.

7. Ford Model T - 16,500,000+units
Named the most influential car of the 20th century, it was made from 1909-1927.

8.Volkswagen Passat - 14,100,000+units
Made since 1973, the Passat is in its sixth generation and has been sold under seven names.

9. Chevrolet Impala - 14,000,000+units
Offered since 1958, it's considered the first luxury car for the middle class.

10. Ford Fiesta - 12,500,000+units
Sold worldwide since 1976, it's manufactured by Ford Europe, a Ford Motor Company subsidiary.

The Top 10 Best-Selling Cars of 2008

1. Ford F-Series: 515,513; 2. Chevy Silverado: 465,065; 3. Toyota Camry: 436,617; 4. Honda Accord: 372,789; 5. Toyota Corolla: 351,007; 6. Honda Civic: 339,289; 7. Nissan Altima: 269,668; 8. Chevy Impala: 265,840; 9. Dodge Ram: 245,840; 10. Honda CR-V: 197,279.

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