Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tata Land Rover and Jaguar to arrive soon in India

The Tata Land Rover and Jaguar may be the most priced possessions of Tata Motors and now the cars are all set to make their journey to India. The Land Rover which is expected to arrive by next year; Tata Motors gears up as it has a lot of car releases up its sleeve.

Tata Motors will hit off with the Nano very soon and it plans to bring in the Land Rover by next year. To accentuate the plan and lend support, the company has already started working on an expansion plan to get the car into the country in a smoother manner. The Land Rover has already shown its glimpses in cities like Mumbai, however the company is looking at presenting the car all over the country.

With a new dealership set in Gurgaon near Delhi, Tata gets all geared up to launch the luxury models in an aggressive way in India. The company made itself proud as it acquired the Land Rover and Jaguar from Ford earlier this year in an all-cash deal worth $2.3 billion. The Car-maker will not concentrate on numbers as both of them are luxury models. The Land Rover and Jaguar has seen a decline in sales due to the changing economic conditions, however Tata introduces the models with high hopes and optimistic view in India.

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